I recently made a video about my decision to have a cochlear implant and what is important to take into account when making any health decision. It’s wonderfully illustrated by Karen Morley – thank you Karen!

We showed this as part of a recent Cochrane UK webinar, in which doctors and patients discussed experiences of health decision-making and things to consider. You can see a recording of the webinar here: https://youtu.be/tgtG9S6ZY2s

The videos do have captions so just be sure to switch on CC when you watch them!

You might also be interested in my Evidently Cochrane blog on Making health decisions: things that can help, which includes lots of useful resources. Evidently Cochrane is Cochrane UK’s blog and many of the blogs share Cochrane evidence along with experience (patient and/or professional) and trustworthy resources, so do take a look. For full transparency, I am an Evidently Cochrane editor and blogger!

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